AeroBarrier for Multi-Family Commercial

With multiple units being built at the same time, multi-family homes come with a lot of added difficulties during the building process. Compartmentalizing shared “party walls” with effective air sealing can bring many benefits to both you and your renters—and Northeast Air Sealing can make the process stress-free!

Using the advanced AeroBarrier air sealing technology, our team can help you finish your multi-family project without delays and get renters in your building sooner. 

Why Air Seal Multi-Family Homes? 

Creating a barrier between the units in your multi-family home, as well as the outdoors, will protect your property and renters from:

  • Moisture & mold problems
  • Pests
  • Noise pollution 
  • Smoke & odors
  • Inconsistent temperatures

Benefits of AeroBarrier Air Sealing 

Using a specialized application process, AeroBarrier ensures that your multi-family building will stay on time and on budget with superior air sealing that’s guaranteed to meet building and energy codes. 

With Northeast Air Sealing, you can get back to work in an average of 4 hours and never fail a blower door test again! Our team uses real-time monitoring that allows us to seal gaps and cracks from ½ an inch down to the size of a human hair. 

By sealing your building’s envelope with AeroBarrier, you can increase energy-efficiency and provide a more comfortable home for your renters—in a fraction of the time! Some other benefits of using AeroBarrier technologies include:

  • Safety-certified with low VOC content and no off-gassing
  • Durable & long-lasting. with a simulated lifespan of up to 50 years
  • Perfect for Net Zero, Passive House, ENERGY STAR, LEED, and IECC homes

Northeast Air Sealing: The Leading AeroBarrier Installer in New England

As one of the only Authorized AeroBarrier Installers in the area, Northeast Air Sealing works with everyone from builders and architects to homeowners to provide superior air sealing services. We even offer a combined air sealing and blower door test package to help keep your project on track. 

From Portsmouth, Manchester, Essex, and York to all of the surrounding areas, Northeast Air Sealing is your go-to contractor for creating air-tight multi-family homes. 

Learn more about how AeroBarrier can benefit multi-family homes. Call 603-415-1115 or contact us online. 

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