What is an Exterior Insulation and Finish System?

Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS) have revolutionized building cladding since their introduction in the 1960s. Initially embraced by the commercial sector, EIFS offered a novel approach to exterior wall systems, combining continuous insulation with an attractive finish. Known for its resemblance to stucco, EIFS consists of multiple layers: a water-resistive barrier, an insulation board typically made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a glass-fiber reinforcing mesh, a water-resistant base coat, and a textured finish coat that employs colorfast and crack-resistant technology.

Common Problems with EIFS

Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems offer an attractive and energy efficient cladding option for homes, but they come with potential drawbacks that homeowners should consider. Moisture infiltration is a significant concern; if EIFS is not correctly installed or if the system has defects, water can penetrate the cladding, leading to mold growth, wood rot, and other structural issues. 

Durability is another point of consideration, as EIFS may be less resistant to physical stress such as hail or impacts, raising concerns over its long-term resilience. 

The complexity of EIFS installation demands skilled professionals to avoid problems like water infiltration and delamination, emphasizing the importance of quality workmanship. 

Over time, the aesthetic appeal of EIFS may wane due to weather exposure, resulting in fading or discoloration. Additionally, EIFS may necessitate more maintenance than other cladding systems, requiring regular inspections and repairs to ensure its longevity. 

While initial installation costs are often competitive, the potential for expensive repairs or replacements, particularly due to moisture damage, can add to the total cost of ownership, making EIFS a choice that benefits from careful consideration and proactive maintenance.

Considering EIFS? Try This First!

If you are still looking to keep moisture from damaging your home, as well as the energy saving properties of insulation, North East Air Sealing provides weatherization and home performance upgrades that serve as a more dependable alternative to EIFS. 

Spray Foam Insulation — insulates and air seals in targeted areas to provide maximum comfort and efficiency

Energy Audits — diagnoses total air leakage, insulation levels, and HVAC efficiency/safety in a home, informing the NEAS team how to approach upgrades that maximize benefits.

Professional Air Sealing — permanently seals air gaps and holes that allow contaminants and unwanted temperatures to infiltrate the home

Call Northeast Air Sealing About EIFS Removal and Replacement

If you are looking into EFIS installation or are experiencing some of the frustrations of EIFS systems, the building science, weatherization, and insulation experts at Northeast Air Sealing are ready and waiting to talk to you about alternative options. If it makes your home or building more comfortable, more efficient, or healthier, Northeast Air Sealing can do it! Call our team today. 

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