AeroBarrier Air Sealing Services in York, ME

York, Maine is filled with miles of beautiful coastline and a rich, Colonial past that’s bursting with year-round activity. While its Colonial roots are still evident, York has modernized in many areas as the years have passed, especially when it comes to energy efficiency.

As part of the Maine Won’t Wait program, York has adopted its own climate plan to help combat climate change. Homeowners and builders are now more interested in high-performance homes than ever before. Northeast Air Sealing can help with AeroBarrier air sealing services and blower door testing for residential new construction projects in York, Maine. 

Get Guaranteed High-Performance Air Sealing With AeroBarrier

AeroBarrier is a water-based and non-toxic sealant that can meet—or even exceed—high-performance levels of airtightness. With its advanced air sealing technology, AeroBarrier can seal anything. Get real-time results with the air sealing of gaps down to the size of a human hair! 

With AeroBarrier, builders and homeowners can expect professional York, ME air sealing in 60 to 90 minutes, with re-entry to the home just half an hour after completion. As New England’s leading AeroBarrier installer, Northeast Air Sealing can create airtight single-family and multi-family homes that are guaranteed to pass energy codes. 

Blower Door Testing in York, ME

In addition to AeroBarrier services, we also perform blower door testing in York, ME as a standalone service and as a part of our AeroBarrier installation services. Maine builders know that building codes are getting stricter and in many parts of the state, air leakage testing is required for all new construction. 

Northeast Air Sealing offers new construction blower door testing in York, ME for: 

  • Single-family homes 
  • Multi-family homes 
  • Builders and architects
  • Homeowners 

By pairing blower door testing with AeroBarrier installation in York, Maine, you can remove the risk of a failed blower door test. We’ll help you pass your blower door test the first time to prevent construction delays and increased costs.   

Stay On Time and On Budget With Northeast Air Sealing 

Blower door testing and air sealing in York, ME just got a lot easier with AeroBarrier from Northeast Air Sealing! By working with a single company for both AeroBarrier installation and blower door testing services, you can keep your project on schedule and on budget. We are committed to helping builders, architects, and new construction homebuyers improve energy efficiency and achieve high-performance building standards. 

Northeast Air Sealing is New England’s leading AeroBarrier contractor that York, ME can trust! Call 603-415-1115 or contact us today!

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