AeroBarrier Air Sealing Services for Lowell, MA

As America’s first planned industrial city, Lowell, MA is home to a wide variety of history, architecture, and a diverse culture. Whether celebrating Lowell’s birthday at Winterfest or cheering on the River Hawks, Lowellians know how to get Rowdy

Despite the historic nature of the City of Festivals, Lowell is up and coming as new construction projects abound. Building codes in Massachusetts require a blower door test for all new construction and homeowners are increasingly interested in homes that use less energy. From the Highlands to Centralville, Northeast Air Sealing is a professional AeroBarrier contractor that Lowell, MA builders can trust. 

How can AeroBarrier benefit your next project? Let’s find out.  

The Future of Air Sealing with AeroBarrier

AeroBarrier is an advanced air sealing technology that will seal anything. Made from a water-based and non-toxic sealant, AeroBarrier can meet, and in many cases exceed, high performance levels of airtightness. As New England’s leading AeroBarrier installer, Northeast Air Sealing can create airtight single-family and multi-family homes that are guaranteed to pass energy codes. 

With AeroBarrier, builders and homeowners can expect professional air sealing in 60 to 90 minutes! Once the air sealing is complete, the building is ready for re-entry in just a half an hour, so your construction project can stay on time and budget. Here are some of the other benefits of air sealing with AeroBarrier:

  • Real-time results
  • Meets building code requirements
  • Air gap sealing from a ½ inch thick down to the size of a human hair
  • AeroBarrier air seals can last up to 50 years

Beat the Blower Door Test With Northeast Air Sealing

In addition to providing Lowell, MA with AeroBarrier installation, we also perform blower door testing! Stay on schedule by working with a single company for all your construction project’s air sealing needs. Get blower door testing results that are guaranteed to meet the highest airtightness standards with our team of experts.  

Call Northeast Air Sealing For Better Building Performance 

Make blower door testing and air sealing a breeze with AeroBarrier from Northeast Air Sealing! Whether a single-family or multi-family home, Northeast Air Sealing is the trusted air sealing contractor for Lowell, MA. Contact our professional team of experts today!Northeast Air Sealing is New England’s leading AeroBarrier contractor that Lowell, MA can trust! Call 603-415-1115 or contact us today!

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