AeroBarrier Air Sealing for New Construction in Keene, NH

Like most of New England, Keene, New Hampshire has experienced a growing construction boom as newcomers make their way to the Elm City and new high-performance and energy efficient single- and multi-family homes are built to accommodate them. Air sealing to specific levels of airtightness ensures not only that a building will pass energy codes but that new construction projects go smoothly and stay on budget.

Advanced AeroBarrier air sealing installed by the professionals at Northeast Air Sealing is the only air sealing option New Hampshire builders can trust if they want to pass the blower door test the first time, guaranteed!.

Keene NH Architects & Builders Know the Benefits of AeroBarrier Air Sealing

Stringent air sealing requirements for new construction won’t put a crimp in your construction schedule when you use the advanced technology behind AeroBarrier Air Sealing to seal the interior of new Keene NH residential or commercial buildings. With one application, AeroBarrier Air Sealing will get the job done, keeping you on schedule and within project budgets.

AeroBarrier Air Sealing Takes Only 60 to 90 Minutes

As a builder, you understand how tedious and time-consuming traditional air sealing can be, especially when you’re working to achieve a specific level of air tightness in a building. In contrast, AeroBarrier air sealing installation takes almost no time at all. The Northeast Air Sealing crew can set up, apply AeroBarrier air sealing, test and clear out during the time it takes for a long lunch break.

AeroBarrier is specifically designed to seal all air leaks anywhere from ½” to the width of a human hair! It’s perfect for projects of all shapes and sizes, especially high performance and green building standards like Net Zero, Passive House, ENERGY STAR, LEED, and IECC.

Guaranteed to Meet All New Hampshire Efficiency Codes and Schedules

If you’ve ever failed a blower door test, you know how that can set your project back for days by having to pinpoint the source of air leaks, access the leak, and seal it up. After the AeroBarrier Air Sealing application, Northeast Air Sealing provides the guaranteed blower door test results for inspection. 

Your One-Stop Shop for Keene, NH Blower Door Testing, Too!

Air sealing and blower door testing go hand in glove to ensure your Keene NH new construction project meets efficiency code requirements and passes the dreaded blower door. Our experienced team offers both services, providing both immediate results and convenience..

Get ready to handle your air sealing and blower door testing requirements with the experts at Northeast Air Sealing, Keene NH’s certified AeroBarrier contractor.

Beat the blower door, guaranteed, with Northeast Air Sealing! Call 603-945-8317 or contact us online to learn more about our Keene, NH AeroBarrier air sealing services.

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