The Benefits of AeroBarrier Air Sealing

AeroBarrier is the fast and effective way to air seal your new construction project, and ensure you pass your blower door test the first time!

AeroBarrier revolutionizes this process with a time-saving and precise approach. A Northeast Air Sealing technician pressurizes the building and activates AeroBarrier spray heads. The aerosolized sealant is drawn to gaps, sealing them effectively.

AeroBarrier Benefits:

Save Time: One-day installation without the need for exhaustive inspections.

Superior Seal: Real-time computer control ensures a thorough air seal, guaranteeing you’ll pass blower door tests.

Longevity: Rated to last 50+ years, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort for decades.

Non-Toxic: Water-based and low in VOCs, AeroBarrier is safe for the environment and humans.

Northeast Air Sealing delivers efficiency and accuracy, without compromise. Serving Concord, NH, northern Massachusetts, and mid-coast Maine, we’re your go-to air sealing experts.

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