Real World Example: AeroBarrier Quickly Improves Building Envelope

AeroBarrier is changing how contractors approach the challenge of envelope leakage, a critical factor in home performance. For those building in Concord, NH, and the surrounding areas, Northeast Air Sealing offers certified AeroBarrier services that promise not only to enhance your building project but to revolutionize the way you think about energy efficiency. 

Let’s take a look at a real-world example from a forward-thinking, residential new construction contractor in Washington. 

The AeroBarrier Effect: A Case Study

New Tradition Homes, a leader in the construction of energy efficient residences, has been pioneering the use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance the quality and performance of their buildings. They recently upgraded a home with AeroBarrier and saw excellent results. 

The home initially measured 2.6 Air Changes Per Hour (ACH). The installation of AeroBarrier took just 90 minutes, and in that time, the ACH was reduced to 0.6. This drastic reduction in air exchange not only improves the efficiency of heating and cooling systems but also significantly reduces the home’s overall energy demand, in turn reducing the number of solar panels required to reach zero-net energy. Post-application, the owner reported easier and cheaper heating and cooling, highlighting the immediate benefits of the technology.

AeroBarrier addresses energy efficiency issues directly by sealing gaps within a building’s envelope, which are often too small to be effectively managed by traditional sealing methods. This automated, precision-driven process guarantees that even the smallest leaks are sealed, optimizing the building’s overall energy performance.

Advantages of AeroBarrier Technology

By taping off the building, depressurizing it using a blower door fan, and releasing an airborne sealant, Northeast Air Sealing can monitor the air leakage of a building in real-time. As the sealant seals and dries, our AeroBarrier technicians can achieve exact ACH levels quickly, ensuring you pass your blower door tests the first time, every time. This provides many advantages, including: 

  • Efficiency: This method of building envelope sealing can seal leaks up to half an inch, ensuring that high-performance homes meet the stringent airtightness levels required for certifications like ENERGY STAR and LEED.
  • Speed: Unlike manual sealing methods, AeroBarrier completes the air sealing process within hours, a crucial factor for keeping construction projects on schedule.
  • Verification: The process includes real-time results, allowing builders and homeowners to verify the sealing results immediately, ensuring that the targeted ACH rates are achieved before the equipment leaves the site.
  • Durability: Once applied, the sealant used in AeroBarrier is durable and designed to last the lifetime of the home, providing long-term energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Cost-effective: By enhancing the energy efficient home building process, AeroBarrier reduces the overall operational costs of a home, saving homeowners significant money on energy bills in the long run.

AeroBarrier in Concord, NH

For contractors in Concord, NH, northern MA, and south-mid coast ME, introducing AeroBarrier to your construction projects is straightforward with Northeast Air Sealing. As certified AeroBarrier installers, we understand the specific needs of New England homes. Our team is equipped to integrate AeroBarrier seamlessly into your project, ensuring that your build not only meets but exceeds energy performance standards without any hiccups or delays.

In an era where energy efficiency is not just valued but expected, technologies like AeroBarrier are essential for any construction project aimed at sustainability and cost efficiency. If you’re a contractor or homeowner in the greater Concord, NH area looking to enhance your project’s energy efficiency, contact Northeast Air Sealing today. Let us bring the fast, accurate, and effective benefits of AeroBarrier to your new construction or renovation project. 

Integrate AeroBarrier into your home building process and never fail a blower door test again. Call Northeast Air Sealing at 603-415-1115!

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