Northeast Air Sealing Now Offering Home Performance Contracting Services

Northeast Air Sealing, a contractor known for our work in new construction air sealing with AeroBarrier, is broadening our range of services. This expansion includes a comprehensive suite of home weatherization services aimed at improving the efficiency, comfort, and air quality of homes throughout Concord, NH, and the surrounding areas. With a focus on both new constructions and existing homes, Northeast Air Sealing’s new offerings are designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners seeking to enhance their living environments.

Introducing Our Home Performance Services

Northeast Air Sealing was once two companies: Shakes to Shingles – a home weatherization and energy efficiency retrofit contractor, and Northeast Air Sealing – the experts in AeroBarrier air sealing for residential and commercial new construction projects. Building on our experience with AeroBarrier, and combining it with the two decades of residential retrofit experience, we are now one singular company: Northeast Air Sealing. We provide an array of services that address various aspects of home performance in new construction residential projects, commercial projects, and existing homes:

Residential Insulation Removal and Replacement

Upgrading the insulation in your home reduces the amount of heat lost through the attic, crawl space, and walls. It also protects against summer heat infiltration, keeping your home more comfortable all year round. Northeast Air Sealing can remove and replace your old insulation for energy savings and improved comfort. 

Residential Air Sealing

Northeast Air Sealing now offers extensive air sealing services beyond new construction, targeting leaks that lead to energy loss and reduced indoor air quality in existing homes.

Energy Audits: 

To identify and address inefficiencies, comprehensive energy audits are a crucial part of any home performance upgrade. These audits help homeowners understand how to improve their home’s energy usage and save on utility costs, through diagnostics like blower door tests and infrared imaging.

Comprehensive Whole Home Solutions

A whole-home solution to energy efficiency is not just about fixing a single problem area; it’s about understanding how different elements of a home interact and affect overall performance. By assessing various factors such as heating and cooling loads, insulation levels, home design, energy usage, and HVAC systems, a whole home performance contractor can develop tailored solutions that address the specific needs of a home. This comprehensive approach often results in higher efficiencies and increased comfort, as it ensures that all components work together harmoniously, minimizing energy waste and optimizing the indoor environment.

Hiring a contractor capable of evaluating and addressing these various aspects is crucial. It ensures that recommendations are not just generic advice but are instead customized strategies designed to make a tangible difference in a home’s performance. Northeast Air Sealing’s expansion into a wider array of home performance services offers homeowners in Concord and beyond a one-stop solution for improving their home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Home Performance Contractor in New Hampshire

We have made it our business to make homes of all kinds more comfortable and energy efficient, here in the harsh New England climate. Whether it is new construction homes that require efficient and accurate AeroBarrier air sealing, or existing homes looking for a boost in energy efficiency and comfort, Northeast Air Sealing is the home performance contractor that has you covered.

Call Northeast Air Sealing at 603-415-1115 to learn how you can save on energy costs and keep your home comfortable all year.

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