How to Reduce Building Costs Using New Technology

The new construction industry is often at the mercy of emerging technologies, which constantly redefine how we work. But how can you know which technologies, products, and services will pay off in the long run, for both you and your clients?

One of the most significant innovations is the development of automated air sealing technology called AeroBarrier, an invaluable tool for reducing blower door test failures and energy code compliance issues. This new way to air seal new construction homes and buildings improves energy efficiency and enhances the building envelope for the life of the building.

Air Leakage and Energy Efficiency

Air leakage is a notorious and sneaky energy culprit in buildings, compromising performance  and increasing the presence of air contaminants, while resulting in exorbitant utility costs. When a building isn’t sealed correctly, conditioned air escapes, causing HVAC systems to work overtime to maintain indoor comfort.

Spending the time to ensure your building is air sealed properly will pay off for years to come. But what if going the extra mile for a better building envelope didn’t have to take any extra time out of your project? With AeroBarrier and Northeast Air Sealing, new construction air sealing often takes less time than other more “hands on” methods. 

AeroBarrierr: Automatic Air Sealing Technology

AeroBarrier works by releasing a pressurized air sealing product into the air of a taped-off and depressurized building. These AeroBarrier particles then seek out and seal any leaks, effectively eliminating air leakage from the building envelope and increasing energy efficiency. During the air sealing process, the airtightness of the building is monitored via computer, allowing for exact ACH levels to be reached based on the needs of the building.

The Impact on the Construction Budget

In addition to the obvious energy savings, this kind of automated air sealing from AeroBarrier can have a profound impact on a construction budget. Traditional air sealing methods are labor-intensive, requiring contractors to identify and manually seal potential leaks. By contrast, automatic air sealing technology streamlines this process, saving on-the-job hours, and allowing for faster project completion.

Further, this technology ensures that the building envelope is as tight as possible from the outset, eliminating the risk of a failed blower door test or the need for any further adjusting of the building envelope. 

Build Better Buildings — Call Northeast Air Sealing

There will always be a place for the human touch in just about any industry, and new construction is no exception. However, by automating the process of locating and permanently sealing up the holes and gaps in a building envelope, you can free up time, budget, and personnel for other aspects of your new construction project. 

As an air sealing contractor in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, we have witnessed firsthand how this technology enhances the construction industry. It not only aids in reducing construction budgets but also improves building performance, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. It’s a powerful example of how new technologies are reshaping the construction industry, paving the way for more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective building practices. If you are interested in adding AeroBarrier to your next project, call Northeast Air Sealing today. 

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