How to Efficiently Air Seal Multi Family Buildings in New England

An airtight seal is vital to the comfort and energy efficiency of a multi family building in any climate. But here in New England, the need for an airtight building is amplified through all four seasons. Unfortunately, contractors are often forced to cut corners when it comes to air sealing multi family buildings, because the process has been historically tedious and disruptive to deadlines. Fortunately, there is a new way to ensure an airtight seal on the first try, so your multi family air sealing project will meet and exceed any code requirements and lead to a more comfortable and efficient building. 

What Makes Air Sealing a Time-Intensive Task?

Air sealing is the process of locating all the holes and gaps present in the construction of a building, and sealing them up. Traditionally, these holes are often sealed with a flash of expanding spray foam material that hardens for a permanent seal. The reason this process can be time intensive is because there is no way to automatically locate all of these holes – they must be visually found one by one. This process often involves the use of a blower door to determine total leakage, and infrared imaging technology to pinpoint areas of leakage. 

This process of air sealing a building can also vary in accuracy, depending on the contractor. This can lead to failing future blower door tests, delaying your project and costing time and money. 

A New Way to Air Seal Multi Family Buildings

AeroBarrier is an air sealing product and method that saves contractors and builders time, while also improving the overall air tightness of the building. It is an air sealing material that is distributed in a controlled manner within a sealed building, which automatically seeks out any air leaks and clumps together to tightly and permanently seal openings. AeroBerrier offers precise control over airtightness levels, monitored digitally in real time. The sealing procedure employs a blower door to depressurize the building, and to validate and measure the air seal as it tightens, ensuring compliance with any code-required blower door testing.

The duration of AeroBarrier installation varies based on building size and project logistics. However, the average procedure takes merely a few hours, making it a time-efficient solution for achieving exceptional airtightness. This is up to 65% faster than other air-sealing methods!

Call Northeast Air Sealing for Efficient, Effective Multi Family Air Sealing 

Partner with Northeast Air Sealing for your air sealing needs and virtually eliminate the risk of blower door test failures or compliance issues related to air sealing. We will do everything we can to help you  maintain project timelines and budgets in your new construction multi-family buildings. Our involvement ensures that your project remains on schedule and within budget, resulting in superior airtightness for your new single or multi-family construction project.

Northeast Air Sealing is committed to delivering top-notch air sealing services tailored to your unique needs, ensuring full compliance with all energy codes and regulations. By choosing AeroBarrier and Northeast Air Sealing, you guarantee an airtight, energy-code-compliant, energy-efficient building that promotes a healthier living space for its inhabitants.

Save time, energy, and money when you leave your air sealing to the AeroBarrier pros at Northeast Air Sealing. Call 603-415-1115 or contact us online to learn more.

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