How AeroBarrier Makes Multi-Family Home Construction Easy

One of the biggest headaches of multi-family construction is air sealing shared or party walls. Creating airtight compartmentalization between units enhances homeowner comfort and also controls fire, smoke, odors and sounds.

AeroBarrier air sealing is the easy solution for construction companies who need to meet air tightness standards and stay on schedule. Northeast Air Sealing is the trusted multi-family AeroBarrier air sealing contractor for service areas in Maine, New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

How Does AeroBarrier Work?

Using the power of air pressure and blower door testing equipment, AeroBarrier Air Sealing sprays an aerosolized sealing product that seeks out cracks as small as a human hair throughout the building envelope. When complete, AeroBarrier creates a durable air barrier in multifamily buildings and single family new construction. From set-up to clean-up, the technicians at Northeast Air Sealing can air seal your Portland ME or Portsmouth NH new construction multi-unit in just 60-90 minutes. And the best part—passing the first blower door inspection is guaranteed! 

Seal Multiple Units All at Once

AeroBarrier’s Boost add-on takes the sealing process to the next level for multi-family construction projects. By using AeroBarrier + Boost, Northeast Air Sealing is one of the only AeroBarrier contractors in NH, ME and northern MA, Northeast Air Sealing that can seal multi-family units simultaneously, up to 65% faster than manual worker sealing!

The AeroBarrier cost varies depending on project scope, but is easily counterbalanced by saved time and labor costs. For construction managers looking to meet stringent energy codes or green home building standards, AeroBarrier can provide real-time monitoring to meet under 1 ACH50 levels of air tightness. Even the most detail-oriented crew can’t match the precision compartmentalization that Northeast Air Sealing can using AeroBarrier. 

Create Superior Multi-Family Homes that Deliver Value

Reducing the air leakage between units in duplexes, triplexes and apartment buildings makes the final project more appealing for the occupants. Benefits of improved air sealing include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • Quieter units with improved soundproofing between shared walls
  • Healthier indoor air quality 
  • Reduced risk of moisture buildup and mold

Once installed, AeroBarrier air sealing stands the test of time to maintain a tight, long-lasting seal.

Northeast Air Sealing—Your Blower Door Testing Expert

Northeast Air Sealing is your go-to blower door testing expert for new construction in York ME, Concord NH and Lowell MA, along with surrounding communities. Our expertise has helped builders and architects navigate the challenges of strict energy codes and the desire to meet or exceed air tightness standards in construction projects of all sizes and configurations. Northeast Air Sealing offers blower door testing and certification alongside AeroBarrier installation as a one-stop solution for multi-family construction managers in Portsmouth, Kittery, Haverhill and Manchester.

Air seal multi-family construction projects faster and to higher levels of air tightness with Northeast Air Sealing. Call 603-369-6052 or contact us today to schedule AeroBarrier air sealing installation with our team.

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