Boost – AeroBarrier for Multi-Family Buildings

The fastest way to air seal a new construction multi-family building just got faster – with “Boost” from AeroBarrier. Boost enables simultaneous sealing of two multifamily units, achieving up to 65% faster results compared to individual unit sealing. This innovation addresses labor and material challenges in multifamily projects, enhancing timeline efficiency without compromising quality. Boost leverages AeroBarrier Connect’s technology, using safe sealant mist to seal leaks, and relays real-time updates for close monitoring. Include Boost from AeroBarrier in tomorrow’s multi-family project, by calling Northeast Air Sealing today.

  • Boost from AeroBarrier
  • Air seal two multi family units simultaneously
    • Faster process, better results
    • Fewer construction delays
    • Pass a blower door test every time
    • A better performing building
  • Get Boost from AeroBarrier for your next project. – 603-415-1115

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