AeroBarrier Air Sealing Services for New Construction Projects in Portland, ME

With the haywire housing market in Portland, Maine, many builders and architects are running very tight ships when it comes to single and multi-family new construction projects! Any delays in construction or issues that arise from failing to meet local energy codes can further frustrate the process, and Portland area homeowners are increasingly interested in homes that use less energy and perform well through each of Southern Maine’s four seasons. 

Northeast Air Sealing is a professional AeroBarrier installation company serving the new construction needs of Portland. Here are the benefits of using AeroBarrier for your next project. 

Guaranteed High Performance Air Sealing for New Construction

When it comes time for a blower door test, failure to pass can mean extended deadlines and frustrated customers. When you need an air sealing process and product you can trust to pass a blower door test, guaranteed, look no further than Northeast Air Sealing. AeroBarrier can fill any gap, from a sliver the width of a human hair up to holes ½” thick, and we guarantee your building will pass all blower door tests the first time

Air Sealing in Just 60 to 90 Minutes

Professional air sealing with AeroBarrier takes a fraction of the time to complete compared to other air sealing techniques and products. With AeroBarrier, Northeast Air Sealing team can thoroughly air seal a single-family new construction building or multi-family unit in a third of a time as traditional air sealing would take, so you can keep your construction projects on time and on budget. 

Better Building Performance

The more air tight a home is, the greater potential for performance. For multi-family homes, this means better isolation between units, greater soundproofing, improved indoor air quality, and reduced energy consumption. 

We Perform Blower Door Tests, Too!

Are you in need of blower door testing for your new construction building project in Portland? Air sealing and blower door testing go hand in hand, so we have made ourselves experts in both. Save time air sealing and testing your new construction project when you leave it to us — we can handle both tasks, leaving you with air sealing and blower door test results you can trust, all while reducing the number of visitors and time spent on your job site.

Call Northeast Air Sealing to Stay on Time and on Budget 

You shouldn’t have to choose between speed and accuracy when it comes to air sealing your new construction project, and with AeroBarrier and Northeast Air Sealing you won’t have to! If you are looking for air sealing in Portland, ME, Northeast Air Sealing is your trusted single-family and multi-family air sealing contractor. Reach out to our team today!

Northeast Air Sealing is the AeroBarrier air sealing contractor that Portland, ME builders trust! Call 603-945-8317 or contact us online to start your project.

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